About Us


Alessandro Depase

Master Degree in Electronic Engineering with an AI Thesis:

Knowledge Based Systems able to reason about their own reasoning (1994)

More than 30 years keeping studying AI
Software Architect and Manager for several important System Integrators

  • Working on web, mobile and IoT since their beginning
  • Project Manager in more than 55 project
  • Manager of company areas with hundreds of projects
  • Responsible of more than 90 employees at the same time, counting areas and projects directly managed

Gabriele Zucchella

Since 1993 he works helping young people with problems and his competence ranges from knowledge of psychological relational field to more specific experience in aid relations, group dynamics and educational planning.

Seriously and intensively involved also in Game Design, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence topics in the last 3 years, his practical experience in human relationships and verbal and non verbal communication completes and complements every decision adding valuable new points of view other than fresh new ideas.